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Company History
The Ellendale Vol. Fire Co. was established in May of 1920 by the Ellendale Town Council and organized April 15, 1921 with President Joshua A. Ellegood. The first equipment was purchased May 2, 1921 from the Viscose Silk Company in Marcus Hook, PA. It consisted of a Model T Ford with a chemical tank, hose, a ladder, and buckets at the cost of $1400. This unit served alone until a new American LaFrance chemical wagon was ordered for $3500 arriving on December 15, 1928.

The company became incorporated in 1928 under the name The Ellendale Fire Co., Inc. and became a charter member of the Delaware State Fireman's Association. In 1949 the department again purchased another American LaFrance which is still owned by the department, and used for parades. The department became charter members of the American Association of Firemen in 1951 and purchased their first ambulance that same year. The department was also a charter member of the Delaware State Radio System, the first statewide fire radio network in the United States.

The Ellendale Vol. Fire Co. serves an area of approximately 60+ square miles and provides protection to over 12,000 residents. Along with serving the town of Ellendale, the department serves Lincoln, Cedar Creek, New Market, Philadelphia, Federalsburg, Slaughter Neck, Cedar Corners, Jefferson Crossroads, Oakley, Redden, and Anderson Crossroads among other areas. The department also provides automatic mutual aid response on working structure fires and box alarms to the towns of Georgetown, Milton, Greenwood, Slaughter Beach, and Milford

At this time the department has 85 members operating three engines, three tankers, a pumper/rescue, two brush units, two BLS ambulances, a utility unit, and a command vehicle. We have unit at the main station and the new Substation.
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